Wing'd With Hopes, 2001,
Lise Winne and the Spirites Consort.

An album of Renaissance Songs performed with modern instruments and an innovative approach with Jeff Belding, Joe Davoli, Rick Eckberg, Scott Petito, Brian Mellick and Cole Broderick.

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"...'Wing'd With Hopes, New Interpretations of Renaissance Songs' is something unique, and should whet the appetites of a whole new audience of music lovers for the 'top 40' tunes of the 1500s and 1600s.

Don't expect to hear lutes or viola da gambas on this CD, but you'll hear fresh and innovative arrangements of Dowland and Campion tunes for voice, string bass, percussion, piano, violin and a bevy of modern instruments played by Jeff Belding, Joe Davoli and Rick Eckberg-- all master musicians. As a bonus, Lise Winne has a voice that's pure and crystal-like in its beauty.

As for the lyrics? They're as apt today as in the 1600s-- the frustrations of unrequited love have never gone out of fashion."

--Lee Shepherd, concert manager, Binghamton University,
also violinist/pianist with the English Country
Dance Band, "Roodiments of English"

"I just wanted to let you know that I find your music absolutely stunning. I have been promoting it to all of my friends. The vocals, everything, is fabulous. World needs to watch out for all that talent! :) "

--Laurie Ann Haus, singer, composer and musician
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"I love your style -- reminds me of the very best and earliest of Clannad!"

--Sorcha Puridai, Queen of Gypsies and All Outlandysshe People, Acadiana Medieval Faire

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