The Goldenrod, 2004,
Lise Winne

An album of
original songs with a lot of textures, moods and instrumentation with Jeff Belding, Joe Davoli, Rick Eckberg, Scott Petito, Brian Melick, Jason Kessler, Jim Lestrange and Mark Gardner.

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"Singer-songwriter Lise Winne is back with her fourth album, "Goldenrod" on Lilac/Goldenrod Records. Recorded at Scott Petito's NRS Studios in Catskill, the album is a diverse collection of songs incorporating elements of folk, new age and Renaissance music. Especially intriguing is "Love Find Your Way to Me," with Winne's winning vocals accompanied by a swirling, almost psychedelic electric sitar."

--Greg Haymes, Albany Times Union

"What a work to be proud of!"

--Lisa Lynne, Celtic harp, composer & recording artist
with Windham Hill and New Earth Records

"I find the musical arrangements and instrumentation on The Goldenrod quite delightful! . . . Your songs are fascinating and I love the unusual musical twists and turns they take. The ambitious nature of lyrics (in terms of vocabulary, imagery, rhyming pattern, poetic points of view and overall introspective point of view) makes for an unusually demanding listening experience . . . I commend you for a beautiful and ambitious album..."

--Walt Haake, program host for "The Mists of Avalon" radio show, WDVR, Sargentsville, NJ.

"Singer-songwriter presents originals grounded in equal parts folk and classical traditions."

--Sing-Out Magazine